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Positive Revolution is a Queensland based business, specialising in business performance coaching and consulting. We target areas of Leadership, Communication, Team Building and Organisational Culture to enhance the people connection, ensuring your organisation obtains consistent productive results year after year!

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Why is team building & culture important?

Team performance and culture affects everyone and everything an organisation does.

Leaders who understand the importance of organisational culture and have taken the opportunity to focus energy, time and resources have found major improvements in profits, productivity, recruiting, morale, motivation, customer service, leadership and retention, just to mention a few.

Company culture is important

So what is culture?

Culture is the personality of an organisation. This is displayed through the values, beliefs and standards to which a company works. To really understand the culture of an organisation, look directly at the people who work within it.

As the personality guides what a person does, so the culture of an organisation is guided by what their people do. This could be their attitudes, level of service to others, drivers and motivations, problem solving abilities, and their capacity to think outside the square and innovate.

The culture of an organisation will determine the level of active engagement of the employees within the organisation. All culture is driven by the leaders.

Bad culture is usually indicated by high absenteeism, low morale and limited productivity.

Creating and maintaining the desired culture can be hard to do, though with the assistance of trained professionals, persistent effort and commitment to the team, leaders can make any workplace an enjoyable experience for all.

So what kind of a culture does your organisation want?

What we offer

Positive Revolution offers a range of varied programs and opportunities by application only:

  • Leadership and executive coaching
  • Leadership and communication trainings
  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Innovation planning days
  • Succession planning programs
  • Professional development programs for leaders
  • Gap analysis and productivity planning
  • Change management processes
  • Team building days (indoor and out, half or full days)(Limited availability)

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What our satisfied clients say about us

“I recently had the pleasure of utilising the professional services of Greg Smedts from Positive Revolution. I decided to put my experience into words to assist other potential clients considering engaging Greg. Greg has some of the most important assets of a coach and trainer in that he LISTENS - LEARNS - INFORMS - FOLLOWS UP. Greg does not pretend to know it all and stick to a rigid text. He has the ability to gather the information and in most cases the answers from the client themselves. Greg then relays back to the client simple but forthright strategies that are more than achievable. Over the many years I have been in business I have meet them all, “Business”/ “Life” coaches, some have been very good in what they offer but unfortunately most of them were a waste of time. Greg falls into the very good in my humble opinion and in this regard I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering a positive outcome. I will be engaging Greg again in the near future for further assistance relating to other business matters.”

Warren Mathieson General Manager, Environmental Asset Services

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Positive Revolution Leader, Greg Smedts

Business Performance Specialist

Greg is a dynamic performance specialist with a flair for making the process of leadership, communication, team building and culture development fun and engaging. Involved in training for the past 9 years and people development for the past 11 years, his areas of specialty are team building, leadership development, business management and communication. Greg advises a broad range of clients, from small, sole trader businesses to executive level development within multi-million dollar companies.

Greg’s true passion is human behaviour. His dedication to developing sustainable work environments is of the highest importance. He shows a depth of understanding of the various learning styles and how best to address these when working with companies and teams. He goes above and beyond to ensure everyone walks away with the skills to apply in everyday life, not just at work.

Being the Cairns Director for BNI (Business Network International) for the past 2 years and having managed several businesses previously, Greg is well versed in business dynamics, commercial viability and effective leadership. Greg has a wealth of experience in customer service industries, from managing small to medium businesses, where responsibility and effective decision-making are vital, to managing operations where timing and judgement calls require precise calculations to ensure safety and customer enjoyment go hand in hand. Within all these roles, Greg’s leadership and communication expertise were critical.