I know at times I may not communicate my messages to others in the best way and therefore I end up having conversations where, what is intended, is not the message that comes out. At times I find that language for a form of communication is very limiting. What is in my head cannot be adequately explained in words. Therefore today I wanted to share three outstanding tips on how you are able to improve your communication skills.

Tip 1.

Practice your listening skills. I encourage you to enhance your listening skills by doing one simple thing. Get curious about the person with whom you are speaking. You will find is, what they are talking about is important to them and when you ask questions about their experience they will find you far more interesting than they would if you attempted to talk over them and assume you know what they mean.

Tip 2.

Choose your language carefully. Studies have shown that language only accounts for roughly 7% of your communication. Can you believe that! Only 7%. So ensure when you are talking with someone, say what you mean and mean what you say. Language is the only way in which you can get precision. If you talk ambiguous jargon and expect great results, then be prepared to be disappointed.

Tip 3.

Ask questions. When communicating with someone and you are not sure you have the information correct, ask questions to ensure you have understood the message the way they intended to communicate. The power in life is in the questions you ask! There are no stupid questions, only stupid people who don’t ask questions.

Remember communication is not about the message that is being sent, it is about the response received. If the message doesn’t get the desired response, then the message was not understood. The simple step of recognising if the message was received correctly will stop a lot of headaches down the track.

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